Monday, June 30, 2008


My family is notorious for vacation eating, and "last hoorahs" Vacations are for eating whatever your heart desires and not feeling guilty about it, because - it's vacation!

That has been a hard habit to break. Two months ago I went on a weekend vacation with my friend to the beach. That was the first vacation ever that I dieted through.
And you know what? I still had an amazing time. The food I ate did not affect the fun I had.

I am taking Joel away for his bday (I can't mention where, 'cause it's a surprise, but I'll blog about it later!). I made reservations for a fancy dinner and everything. I emailed the place and informed them that I am on a carb-restricted diet. And you know what? They emailed me back and told me that they could easily accommodate my request.

Easy as that. No awkwardness needed, and I won't feel guilted into eating the garlicky toast points. :-) I am thrilled!

Working through these everyday choices, and making it so that even vacations can be healthy makes me feel SO good. Makes me feel like I really, truly, am on the right track. I've been dreaming about low-carb birthdays, thanksgivings, and christmas'! I haven't thought once about some special occasion where I will give myself permission to pig out. I don't need that. And I am finally realizing it.

Instead of treating myself to a chocolate cake, I can treat myself with a hefty serving of self respect, and a hearty smile at my own reflection.

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Jenn Baker said...

As you've seen from my blog, I LOVE eating out. And the only place I've founed that wasn't even remotely LC friendly was Whataburger. Everyone else has AT LEAST a salad with some protein on it. :) I like that the world is TRYING to get healthy. Have fun on your night out on the town! Can't wait to hear about it!!!

Chai Latté said...

Jenn! Thanks! :-)

So far, the only place that was pretty difficult to eat low-carb at was my all time favorite restaurant - Karma. It's a Japanese place, and even the sashimi, and pure protein things they cover in amazing (but sweet) sauces. But next time I go will just have to specify better.
Also, I LOVE Indian food, and thats a little difficult, but still can be done! With a little finagling, we can eat anywhere!