Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Warrior!

Another weekend problems. I was a champ, even in the grips of adversity.
Adversity = BROWNIES

We took a trip to Costco, where Joel proceeded to purchase a gigantic box of brownie mix (=96 brownies). He declared last night Brownie Night #1, so to be nice, I made him a big batch. I made them! I didn't lick my fingers, or the spoon, or the bowl. I didn't sneak a brownie, or even a taste of one.

I, was a sugar-free angel.

But seriously? I freakin' LOVE brownies.

I don't have any concrete evidence yet, but I *feel* like my plateau is breaking. According to Wii Fit yesterday, in 3 more lbs I will be down 20lbs. Which will be fabulousness.

I still haven't found my measuring tape! wah.

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