Friday, June 27, 2008

What an appropriate name!

I attempted to make Oopsie Rolls last night. I guess I did make them, but they are very similar to eating an egg salad flavored angel cake. And, honestly, that's not exactly a good thing.

I am definitely going to try them again, but I gotta figure out how to mask the egg flavor a bit. (and I like eggs!) But I am sick of quiche, and this was too similar to quiche flavor/consistency.

I ate one as is, and wasn't thrilled with it. But then I took one, drizzled 0 carb caramel sauce on it, squirted some whipped cream and sprinkled with nuts, and I was on to something. So next time I am going to try to make sweet cakes out of them instead of savory buns.

3 refreshing comments:

Jenn Baker said...

that's weird. I don't remember my oopsies tasting eggy. But the batch I made didn't come out. I mean, I made them, slapped them on my brand spankin' new cookie sheet and threw it in the oven... only to discover that I have the worlds smallest oven and my cookie sheet was TOO BIG! I.didn't.even.know.that.was.possible!

So I cooked them in a skillet. I got flatties instead of buns. Better luck next time! (I bought smaller cookie sheets for THAT adventure!!!)

Anonymous said...

I also made my first batch of oopsies last week. I didn't have cream cheese so I used some laughing cow light soft cheese I had..the swiss variety. I got the egg white pretty stiff and got the othe ingredients in and baked them. I used the no stick aluminum foil and it didn't stick much. They looked gorgeous. I cooled them a bit and put in plastic bag but I could see I should have cooled them completely before placing them in the plastic bag as moisture was forming on the inside of the bag. Anyway after they were cool I closed the bag and refrigerated them. (Forgot to tell you I ate one before they went in the bag lol.)They seemed to deflate pretty much and I wondered how anyone could eat a burger off one of these and so I realized I had not made them excellently my first try. :-) They were pretty good, but best with some sugarfree DaVinci's on them. Kinda like pancakes. I agree. I'll make them flavored sweet next time, too.

Chai Latté said...

Meg! nice to see you here! :-)

I like the pancake-type idea. With syrup, they could be good! I even thought maybe making them, then dipping them in french toast mixture and frying them in a pan. Could work, or they could completely fall apart :-) hahaha.

Sounds like we all need to try a second batch!