Thursday, July 31, 2008

goooooooooooooooaaaaaallllllll Columbiaaaaaaaaa

Alright folks, here's a few of my goals for this month.

• Drop 5 pounds. I don't even care where I drop it, as long as I don't get fined for littering.
• Exercise a lot more. Borrow some time on Chai's treadmill, or actually drag my lazy butt to the gym. They'll both work.
• Finish up the push up challenge, and knock the snot out of 100 push ups.
• Slow down on the soda, and beer. Maybe even save a little money in the process.

I've probably got a few more things I told myself I'd do, but my brain isn't really in thinking mode right now. I'm heading to Vegas later tonight!!! Which means I need to be pretty good over vacation in order to hit that first goal up there. The beer and soda one is definitely starting once I get back from vacation.

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