Thursday, July 17, 2008

Killin time!

So, I am doing my push ups right now, and I have to wait 90 seconds in between sets. So, why not update a bit for 90 seconds at a time? :-) I have decided to update with some pictures of things that I look forward to the most about getting to my goal weight..

Collarbones! Now, I am not one of those "bones are beautiful" type people. I do prefer to be on the meatier side. But, I do love a little collar bone action. And I will be excited when mine show up!

Hot legs!!

Shoes! Especially high heeled ones. I imagine they will be easier to wear when I am not putting 10,000 pascals of pressure on them.

Being maid of honor in Melissa's wedding! I want to look and feel amazing in a sweeet dress. I want her to have the most awesomest wedding party photos!

Strength.. with grace.
I would love to feel powerful, and competent. Like, when you watch horror movies, and the hero has to do ridiculous things to get away. I would be DEAD in an instant. I can't run! or climb a fence, or do anything to save my own life! Sad.

Lastly (though, i could go on FOREVER with this), I'd like to be inspiration for other people, and prove myself to those who have inspired me.

All done my pushups now! What a wonderful waste of time this was. :) Thanks :)

NOTE : I borrowed a few people's flickr pictures for this entry. If anyone is upset by that, I'm terribly sorry, just let me know, and I shall remove it! (or credit it, if you prefer), just consider it a compliment!

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

Ok. Just having you IN the photos will make my photos the most awesomest ever. You instantly cool up the most boring events :)

Jenn Baker said...

I've been keeping a mental list of the things I look forward to when I lose weight.

At the top of my list, is not having my boob fat touch my chin fat when I lay on my back to go to sleep. It gets worse when I put my arm under my head (which is how I sleep!).

I ended up lowering my goal weight. I decided if I'm going to work this hard to lose weight, why stop at 150? I'm shooting for 130. :)