Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So, it's another day! And I am happy for a new one! I think I went over on carbs yesterday, because for the first time I felt the insane urge to binge. I ate some dark chocolate and peanut butter which was freakishly good. Granted, it was in the "carb budget" but I should not have eaten so much of it. I honestly thought I could be trusted with a chocolate bar in the house, but obviously I cannot. Next time, I am most definitely buying the Ghirardelli single squares! Eh, you live and learn!
I am going overboard on the sugar free jello and whipped cream too. I'm sure I'll burn out on it, it's just that it's been a dessert-free zone mostly, since I started low-carb, and now that I am discovering some... it may not be the best idea!

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