Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goals and Rules, and of course Rewards!

• Lose 50lbs by November.
That is 10lbs a month. Aggressive, I know. But its always worth trying for. That would put me at 199lbs, which is of course a big celebratory number. But it would also put me just past 1/2 way to goal.

• Lose the remaining 44lbs by the following July.
That gives me one year to lose everything. At that point, I will be down 112.5lbs. Assuming I stop at 155. We'll see when I get there!

• NO planned cheat days/meals.
This is my life now. There is no such thing as "cheating" and there is zero excuse for "just this once" Any carbs I choose to eat, I will work into my 20g per day budget.

• Try and enjoy it.
If this is going to take me a year, or more . . . I don't want to be miserable doing it! I enjoy what I am eating, and I enjoy being more active. So, I need to just chill out, live my life and not stress over how much I am losing, and when. It may come off even faster this way !

• Flesh out a very solid plan for maintaining.
Granted, I won't need this for some time.. it alone is just as important (if not more!) as losing the weight initially. I CANNOT, and WILL NOT gain it back. And I will work just as hard to maintain it, as I am to lose it.

Now, I know that being thinner and healthier is the best reward there is, and should be prize enough. But we all know that other things along the way are a huge incentive.
Mine happen to be not so little things.. and they will really keep me motivated!

« At 50lbs down, I get a new car! I know that seems extreme, lol, but I was going to buy one anyway. But making this deal with myself to wait for 50lbs down is such a big motivator!
« At goal (155lbs) I get a new tattoo! Joel isn't thrilled about me getting another tattoo, but he is cool with it as long as it really means, or marks something. And we both agree that this weight loss is definitely a milestone to be marked.
« Little things along the way, like new clothes, music, and sugar free syrups!

We'll see if I can get Fatty to post some of his goals too! I already have some good little rewards for him too!

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Anonymous said...

Chai, I truly *heart* your goals and they just about exactly match mine. I'm also hoping to drop about 10 a month to have lost about 50 by Thanksgiving.

One big lesson I learned doing low carb is not to stay at induction too long. It'll be important to start adding back in SOME foods. For me anyways, I really look forward to nuts, some fruit and yogurt. Ongoing Weightloss for Atkins means just that, ongoing! When I've fallen before, it's often because I got so bored with plain induction. I'll still keep my carbs real low, maybe between 20-30 net carbs, but adding some diet variety is a big thing for me. Looks like you two.

Good luck! Stay focused. And hopefully we'll BOTH get there soon!

Chai Latté said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I REALLY appreciate your comment!

I haven't been doing Atkins, so I haven't really tried doing induction. And perhaps I should.. I stay around 20g per day, because I was staying at 40g per day and only gaining instead of losing. So, it seems 20g is my "magic number" I do eat some nuts and fruit and things that probably aren't allowed on Atkins. But I do hope that it works out anyway.

I find that experimenting with new low-carb recipes really helps me liven things up too, when I get bored with what I am eating. And there seems to be no shortage of them!

Jenn Baker said...


Those are good goals. I like them!