Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekends are too short and too busy.

and when I'm busy, I forget stuff. like day three of the push up challenge. It completely slipped my mind Saturday, and Sunday, I had no room to do it, so I missed day three of week one. Excuses, excuses. I'm in between just starting it over to get the actual rhythm and timing of the three days a week, and just doing day three tonight, wait the normal two days, and start week two. I already feel like I failed the challenge. I haven't been doing real well with the low carb stuff. I have been with eating, I haven't binged or anything, but I sure haven't been avoiding the beer. I feel like I've been doing badly because of that, but I'll find out on Wed. I've got a workout day planned with Chai, and I'll be weighing in then. I'll be pretty upset with myself if I'm back up over 200. I know I was only under it by 1/2 a pound, but still that's a big landmark for me. I really won't be too surprised if I did gain a couple pounds though. :/ I also had the wedding on Saturday, with Chai, ate about the same as she did. Also went to the cookout, but I had lots of pork rinds too. I was starving on Sunday. Had some egg salad for dinner pretty late Sunday night. Then passed out, I'm still tired.

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