Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well, so much for that!

I was just trying to think of any ways I can try to speed up (or produce ANY) progress. I thought.. Hey! I'll try doing Atkins Induction for a couple weeks. People say you can't do low-carb without doing Induction first. So I go and look up the rules and regulations of Induction. And lo and behold - I'm already doing it. My own Chai Plan is pretty much exactly Induction.
It's quite frustrating, though. Knowing that I am following the same plan that everyone else has the best, quickest results from.. and I am not really losing.

I considered the thought that maybe I wasn't eating ENOUGH. But after this weekend of eating too much (and gaining almost .5lbs) I am ruling that out.

As for now, I am just going to blame it on lack of exercise, and also keep a closer eye out for "hidden carbs." I am already pretty good about that (I round up like whoa!). But it doesn't hurt to be even more keen about it.

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