Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's like a ghost town

Sheesh, neither Chai nor I have been posting lately. I guess sometimes, when things get into routine and you're not changing much, it's hard to make posts about it without sounding very redundant. Well, here's some redundancy for you all. Eating habits are about the same, I have noticed myself allowing a little more carbs than I used to. I've eaten the occasional nacho chip(maybe two in a day), and some small stuff like that. It's not enough to make me worried that I'm slipping back into a non-low-carb way of eating. But it was/is enough that I notice myself doing it. The upside, is it's always been a concious decision to eat the chip, it wasn't just out of habit, or cravings. The same time I ate the nacho, I had taken the wrap off of my Roastbeef wrap. As per my usual updates my exercise quota has not been being met. I've been doing some stuff that involves a bit of walking, but that's about it.

While I'm on the subject of walking (nice segue huh?) Chai and I are doing an MSPCA walk in Boston this weekend, and we'd both love it if you could help us out with it, and make a donation, no matter how small. If you would like to help us with helping out all the cute four legged friends we all love, please click on the following link.

Once again, we both, as well as all of our furry friends thank you from the bottom of our low-carb hearts. :)

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