Monday, September 22, 2008

New Resolutions

I am starting to get anxious about trying on dresses soon (November 15th).
I am nowhere near where I'd like to be for that to happen. And because of that.. I have decided to start kicking my own ass. Hardcore.

From now, until Nov. 15th, my exercise habits will be in overdrive.
I am going to start doing cardio in the morning, and then strength and more cardio at night.

This is the ONLY way I am going to see results as quickly as I'd like. And I just so badly want to get in shape! I want to feel fit and strong! And I just haven't been working hard enough for it.

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

I totally would love 2 weeks to go all "biggest loser" and work out 6 hours a day and eat perfectly.

Wonder if somehow we could work that around work? Like, plan ahead that for 2 weeks straight we're going to spend every minute outside of work working out.

I think that planning ahead would be the only way I'd EVER find the time!

Chai Latté said...


This week is mine and Joel's "boot camp" week, in which we weren't supposed to do ANYTHING but work out!
And yet, I already have plans for 3 nights this week. It never seems to work out!

But, adding in the morning workouts should help!