Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rubbery Blubbery

Ok, so 50 squats was an aggressive goal.

Wow, squats are hard, did you know that?

Finished my work out. Did good, but learned a few things.

1. Squats are hard for me.
2. Calf raises are easy like pie.
3. I should do my jog BEFORE I do squats/lunges.

I couldn't jog, i turned to rubber. I super fast walked instead. Almost fell face first on the treadmill! lol.

Anyway, yay me.

2 refreshing comments:

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

depending upon what your goals are, it's better to do your cardio (jogging) after the workout. As long as you've got the mental part, it's easier to push through cardio than it is to push through lifting weights (even if it is your own weight). That being said, good job. I still haven't done squat in a long time. ;/

Chai Latté said...

Yeah, but if I did my jogging before my squats, I would have at least gotten that cardio in.

The brisk walk I did was nice, but it certainly didn't get my heart pumping!

when I do my upper work outs, I will def do the cardio second, but no more squats/lunges BEFORE jogging.

Ahhhh my legs!