Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small review

So, I bought this book -

Because when I flipped through it, it seemed to have a good array of easy recipes.

But after closer examination, I am disappointed in it. about 90% of the recipes have 15-20 grams per serving. (I eat 20 a DAY!)
And aside from that...more than 1/2 of the recipes call for low-carb bread, or low-carb pancake mix, or other silly things like that.

Now, I am not against low-carb specific products... but I want recipes that don't need them. I want meats, veggies, dairy, and tasty spices.
I don't need a recipe for a low-carb egg salad sandwich.

Anyway, its still a good book, for the bulk of the book is personal success stories, and I appreciate those a lot.

But, I'm gonna stick to the seemingly endless recipes on-line.

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Melissa said...

Ah, sorry it wasn't appropriate for your eating. I think that book is catered to the way Atkins is supposed to be done - gradually increasing your daily carb intake. You're only supposed to do 20 grams or less for 2 weeks. This book is a "for life" approach which would mean you'd be following the program, rather than sticking to the low carb dose. Wish I hadn't had you waste your money!

Chai Latté said...

Don't be silly! You didn't force me to buy it! and I still enjoyed reading it, and I think I will get some use out of the recipes eventually, whenever I move onto the ongoing weight loss phase, (when I can lose enough to be done with induction!) (I am following the program)

certainly wasn't a waste !

Melissa said...

Oh ok. I think I had (incorrectly) assumed you were just staying under 20 grams forever. I read that staying on induction longer than 2 weeks is fine but you aren't supposed to stay on it until you reach your goal weight. I thought that's what you were doing! :) My mistake!

Chai Latté said...

Well, I may end up having to. Since, everyone supposedly has their Carb Limit, and when I go above 20g, I gain... so it might end up being my limit forever.

The Atkins book basically says to do Induction as long as you can stand it (the longer the better, if you have a substantial amount to lose, like me!). And since I have no issue with it , I'll stay on for awhile! I do hope that way in the future I can get up to 50-100g a day while maintaining.. because I do miss fruit! :-)

Melissa said...

mmmm. Fruit. I looooove fruit. :) That was the hardest part about phase 1 of South Beach for me. No fruit of ANY kind!