Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm slowly gaining, and I

I'm going to start strict induction again. Not that that worked well for me either, but I definitely see that upping my carbs was not the right thing to do.

I *kinda* want to mention weight loss to my doctor at my upcoming physical. I had thyroid problems as an adolescent, so I could possibly have a problem now. But I'm a little afraid that she is just going to tell me to stop eating low-carb. And that wouldn't really help.

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Melissa said...

Maybe your doctor will have a better suggestion than low carb. Or perhaps see a nutritionist.

I mean. I just think. If you're losing soooooooo slowly as you consistently post that you are....maybe low carb isn't the best thing. It might be ok, and might help, but maybe its not the true root of the problem.

You could be right about the thyroid issues, I think talking to your doctor IS a good thing.

Just my opinion though, doesn't mean I'm right, or that I know anything at all.

And in any case, I love you as you are, so as far as I'm concerned, you don't need to change anything. however, I DO want you to be happy with yourself, and clearly, that means losing weight.

So perhaps there is something out there that is better for you than restricting your carbs so much. I think a nutrionist, who can come up with a plan for you, and adjust as time progresses as necessary, might be a very good thing. And I think your doctor might be able to refer you so it is covered by insurance.

Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...

I actually just came over to mention you might want to talk to a dietician. I would say "look here" and "look there" but there are so many unqualified people out there giving advice that it's hard to root out the good advice from the bad.

If you do see someone, see a Registered Dietician. I think the title "Nutritionist" can be claimed by anyone... it's not someone with an education. Registered Dieticians have at least a Bachelors in Nutrition, usually a Masters.

And I agree with Melissa. If you aren't losing on LC, and you are truly following the strict diet the way you say you are (don't be offended, I'm just saying, I can't follow you all day all night to make sure you aren't cheating) and there are no medical problems to hold you back, no prescriptions you take that could stall weight loss, then yeah, I'd have to agree with Melissa that your body does NOT like LC.

My body does not like Low Calorie. No way, no how, I gain. Actually, I gained most of my weight being a vegetarian. Go figure that one.

Anywho, go get checked out and you know I'm always here for ya!

Melissa said...

Jenn - thanks for the heads up about Dieticians - I actually had not heard that term before!