Monday, October 20, 2008

wtf, mate?

So yesterday, I weighed myself and Mr. Scale told me that I lost 6lbs, since the day before. Of course, I chose not to believe him. Today, I am up 2lbs, but still down 4, which is great. I'm almost back into virgin fat. lol.

Because of the random drop, combined with Lady Time™, I'm in sabotage mode, and would gladly eat anything and everything you put in front of me.

I was literally wrestling with a box of Apple Jacks this morning.

I certainly don't know what to do now. Did I lose 4lbs because I upped my carbs? Did I lose 4lbs of water weight I'd been storing for weeks? I don't know, and my dumb body won't tell me. (it loves its secrets!)

2 refreshing comments:

Lori said...

Weight loss isn't linear - so be pleased for the loss, however it comes!
Only time will tell, and hopefully the scale will continue to go down for you! :)

Melissa said...

woohoo! :) 4 pounds is 4 pounds! who cares what it consists of?!