Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chai's feelings on the Low Carb Lifestyle

Thanks Melissa, for giving me something to write about! Fatty, I'd like you to answer the same questions! What do I like best, and worst about low-carb?

Although I am currently frustrated with my lack of loss, my overall feeling about my low-carb diet is a very positive one. Most people like to be on a diet that "doesn't feel like a diet". . . you hear it in all the commercials... "I love the food, it doesn't take like diet food, I forget I'm on a diet!"
I am the opposite. I want to FEEL like I am on a diet, all the time. If I feel like I am not "on the wagon" I overeat like crazy. So one reason I like low-carb is because it's strict, and it feels like a diet.

I like low-carb because it is simple. The rules are easy. Pick a carb limit and stick to it. You don't need a lot of math, or calculations, or exceptions. If you can look at a label, and count to like, 30, you're good.

I like low-carb because I can eat fatty/protein-rich foods that keep me satiated for a long time. I could eat a bagel for breakfast and be starving by noon, or I can eat my 3 egg omelet and be stuffed until 2pm.

I don't like how alienating low-carb can be. I *hate* being difficult and not being able to eat something particular, or eat at a certain restaurant. It really makes other people uncomfortable and that is not something I ever enjoy.

The only food I really miss is fruit. And I still allow myself to have some on occasion, so it's not so bad. But I sure do love fruit :-)

I don't like the stigma of Atkins, or Low-Carb diets in general. You get some pretty nasty looks and opinions when you tell people that is how you eat.

In general... I do love this way of eating. It is challenging at times, but much less so than low-calorie (for me). I am confident that (no matter how long it takes!) this is the way of life that will get me to my goal weight, and a happier me!

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Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...

Since Low Carb studies are starting to come out, I think we will find that the stigma will lift.

Also, if you really want to get on someone's nerves, have them describe "healthy" food.

It's the exact same as the top rung of Atkins OWL/Maintenance.

Basically, whole foods.

Whole wheat bread.
Natural fruits.
Natural vegetables.

It's all part of a Low Carb diet. The only thing you really can't eat (and should, IMHO) is processed foods.

Processed foods = teh debbil.

That's my new way of explaining Low Carb to people. That usually shuts their ignorant uneducated mouths up. :D

Blueberry Muffin Queen (Jenn) said...


NO ONE should eat processed food.


Melissa said...

i think the stigma comes from the (uncorrect) idea that people have that low carb = high fat. That's not the case. Atkins is generally I think a little higher in fat than South Beach is, but both diets don't encourage fatty foods. I'm not sure of the truth, but a bunch of people out there believe that Atkins died of like, a heart attack from so much fat. Not sure whether that's accurate or not, but people consistently seem to believe that's why the Atkins diet is so bad for you. In reality, its not that bad. Its very good for diabetics, for example.

Thanks for posting! That was a good post :)

And its not that people are bothered or upset with you that you're not eating certain foods when you go out - for me, at least, i just feel bad that you might not be able to eat what i'm eating. I feel bad eating something tasty and not low carb in front of you, because I don't want to tempt you :)

and the other part of that is, if i have french fries in front of you, i know i'm not following my diet, and feel like a failure.

in general, we're all really proud of you, and upset with ourselves, i think! :)

Chai Latté said...

Well, Atkins does promote high fat, and provides proof that fat is not unhealthy at all. But no matter what science says, it will always be a matter of opinion. And Jenn is right, now that the benefits of low-carb are all over the news, I think things will change slightly.

It is most definitely the fact that people feel guilty for eating whatever they are eating and I am not. I try hard to not make people feel bad (because they shouldn't!) but it doesn't seem to help.

But don't worry.. you don't ever make me feel bad!

Melissa said...

i meant, high BAD fat :) there are good fats out there (which is what SBD also promotes).