Friday, November 14, 2008

New respect

Chai and I had an after work work-out sessions last night. I hopped on the treadmill for 1/2 a mile to warm up some, as Chai started up a Biggest Loser DVD. Wow I'm out of shape! That dvd kicked my ass. We didn't even do it with weights, just our own body weight. Squats, side lunges, ab work-outs, and I was dead. Panting the whole time. I made it through the whole thing(except for one ab section, my feet hit the floor once). But man I was tired afterwards. The whole experience left me with a few thoughts. (numbered list time!!! woot wooot!)
1.) I'm severely out of shape.
2.) I can see how people get such results from shows like the Biggest Loser.
3.) I need to eat more before doing strenuous workouts. I kept getting light headed.
4.) I'm not above being humbled by people almost twice my size
5.) I'm getting more and more impressed with Chai's lack of quit. Seriously folks, she's an inspiration. :)

After we finished the DVD stuff, we did a stretching section after the workout section, we did a bit of boxing. Just a few rounds, trying to throw combinations, and keep the heart rate up, took a little break to catch our breaths, did one last all out, throw 50 punches pretty quick, take the gloves off quick and did 5 burpees. All in all, it was a great workout.

We went downstairs and Chai made us some tasty LC pizza, and we played a little Wii. Big Brain Academy. We gotta exercise our brains as well as bodies. :) Now, we just have to work on exorcising the demons, and we'll be complete. :)

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