Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day & weekend recap

So far. . . I am the only person I've seen who is NOT cheating on Thanksgiving. I'm not judging those who are, but I definitely refuse to. I've got my low-carb stuffing mix on hand, I've got my zero sugar pumpkin pie recipe ready to go. I am prepared, people! :-)

In other news.. I did not exercise ONCE this weekend. That most definitely sucks. I really have a hard time getting it in on the weekends. And the reason is.. during the week, I feel like my schedule is so congested, that I am always aware of getting in the work out. I plan around the work out. On the weekend, I got stuck thinking, I have the whole day! I can just fit it in where I please! And then, I never have a spare moment.
So, I need to start concretely scheduling it in to my weekends.

2 refreshing comments:

Ammy said...

I will not be cheating on Thanksgiving either!
45 carbs or less in a day, that's me - no matter WHAT the day!

I have a 6ecc pumpkin pie, my cauliflower mash, and otherwise my carbs will come from green veggies like brussel sprounts and broccoli!

No cheatin for me just because the pilgrims had a good harvest!!

I'm with you Chai!!

Melissa said...

Well. I'm cheating a little. I must have stuffing and mashed potatoes. And cranberry sauce.

But I'll fill up alot on just turkey too. :)

But yeah. I don't worry about diet on holidays. and I don't feel guilty for stuffing my face either. It's the days that are not holidays that I feel guilty about.