Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feed me Seymour!

Chai hasn't been around much since she's trying to die on me. Don't worry I won't let her. :) I've been left to my own vices for lunch, and honestly, she's my check and balance system. I've been MUCH more lax in my diet efforts, and I think it's actually been rewarding. I had said before that I thought I wasn't eating enough. I think I was right. Since Chai has been colorfully redecorating her bathroom, I've been eating much more bad foods. Not bad bad, but more peanut butter, low-carb ice cream, stuff a little higher in calories and carbs than I've been eating. Last night, I weighed in about 5 pounds lighter than I have been lately. Maybe I'll have to keep up with my calories more. It sure is tough sometimes to get a decent amount of food in, when you're not hungry. I think I might have to try and bump my carbs up to closer to 50g a day instead of the close to 20g I've been aiming for.

2 refreshing comments:

smbdysheine said...

good luck with the bump up!

Susan said...

Well, they do say you have to keep eating to lose weight.