Monday, January 5, 2009


It's funny that no matter how opposed I am to the "I'm starting on Monday!" "I'll start on the first!" mentality, I still can't seem to help feeling my motivation renewed at the start of a work week. Probably because it's so much easier for me to eat perfectly on work days.

I feel good today, though. I got some new clothes over the weekend and that always helps :-)

My ankle feels fine, and I am ready to work out again. Tonight, I think I will do one of my new DVDs, hop on the treadmill, or - if my motivation holds up - both.

I am nowhere near where I'd like to be for the wedding, so I feel a desperate need to kick it into high gear.

It's on! ;-)

3 refreshing comments:

Oct said...

your enthusiasm is catchy. you are right, it much easier to eat properly during the work week. I bring my lunch so that limits me to whatever I plan for myself each morning.

I'm glad your ankle is feeling better! said...

Congrats on the ankle! I love the renewed sense of determination that I get at the beginning of the week. :D It rocks!

Melissa said...

Hey, i know its icky crappy alot outside but i'd like to start walking on warmer days. if you'd like to walk with me, let me know! after work or on weekends :)