Friday, January 23, 2009

How come?

How come negative 1's, not -1 but small units that aren't positive, seem to add up so much faster that good 1's? Example: Money when it's incoming is a positive. So my dollar a day deal with Chai, seems like it is going to take forever for the positive 1's to add up. One the negative side, is counting carbs. Well, this packet of Splenda(or whatever) only has one carb. Two coffees later I'm up to 4 carbs. woooooooaaaahhhh!!!! What happened to this there's only one little carb in this? How com money doesn't add up that fast? Or pounds lost? those are good 1's that seem to take forever! If I step on the scale, and it says I'm up 4 pounds, that was sure as hell a lot easier to gain those four negative 1's, than it is to lose 4 positive ones.

haha okay, honestly, I'm not sure that made sense... but if it did... wtf?!?! fat math should be so much easier. I hate math..

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Melissa said...

You make complete sense.

Much easier to gain weight than to lose it.

Much easier to spend money than to save it.

Supposedly, the harder you work for something the more you'll appreciate it.

Bullshit. I'll appreciate losing weight or getting rich fast MORE than if it took me years and years to do it.