Friday, January 9, 2009


Sitting up to get out of bed this morning was tough. My abs and obliques are sore. My legs are sore, my triceps are a little sore, and I love it! hahaha
I pushed out a 2 minute 1/4 mile, and still had gas in the tank and could have gone faster, which surprised me. I plan on cranking up the treadmill faster to see how low I can get that 1/4 mile time down. Without killing myself of course. :) That was after my squats and lunges too. I did take it fairly easy on the cardio yesterday, only jogged for a 1/2 mile total. Chai and I did some pretty good cardio boxing, so that counts too. It still amazes me how fast boxing will tire you out, and how fast your punches slow down. It really is a whole lot of fun though. Not sure how tonight is going to play out yet. I might get some cardio work in at my parents house, or maybe some upper body stuff, it depends how much time I've got before everyone else shows up.

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