Wednesday, January 14, 2009

random thoughts

heh random.... like I have any other kind of thoughts. lol
In keeping with my tradition of praising Chai for all she helps me with, she's sure does make my life much easier. :) Anytime I have an issue or anything and I ask her to help me out, she says yes. Most of the time it's even before I'm finished telling her what I need help with. Lately(okay, pretty much my whole life, but I'm actually asking for help lately), I've needed help with money and motivation. She helps with both. So here's my newest plan. Everyday, I give Chai $1 to hold for me. The ONLY way I can get to the money is by letting her know exactly what I need it for, and can justify the need for it. For example, if I say "Hey Chai, I'm going to Walmart tonight and I want to buy a video game, can I grab $30 from my Fatty fund?" She's going to smack me in the face with a shovel and tell me to piss off!. :) She's such a kind sister. haha

Another money saving technique I'm implementing is $1 a day into a jar for every day I go without ANY alcohol. Which is why I'm bringing it up here. It's diet related, since the alcohol does hamper my weight loss, and it's easier for me to be held accountable. So thank you all for listening and holding me accountable. FYI, both pots have $14 in them(no booze at home so I know I won't be drinking tonight) so far. :) I know you're reading this mom and dad, this deal INCLUDES Friday nights, so help yourselves to what's left of the Baker's bourban.

As far as the motivation part goes, everyday I ask Chai to workout, she says Hells yeah! Don't be lazy! Come on over and we'll work out. If I was doing that dvd from last night by myself at home, I don't think I would have finished the whole thing. But looking over at Chai busting her ass, there's no way I can quit when she's still going.

One more time to make sure you all still believe it after two weeks... 2009 the year of NO excuses! Now let's go get buff!:)

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Chai Latté said...

man, that DVD was bustin! I honestly didn't think I could do the FIRST set of 30 jumping jacks, I really surprised myself when I made it through all of the sets!