Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My ankle is in a mysterious uproar again. With no known cause, I guess this makes it a re-occurring injury. I sprained my ankle really bad a few years ago, so perhaps I did some kind of permanent damage? Perhaps it's my arthritis? Or something else?
I guess I don't care what it is so much as wish it were not hurting me right now.

I had another not-so-great eating weekend, and coupled with the fact that I couldn't work out, I feel positively disgusting today.

I guess tonight I will do upper body and abs, but I really need the cardio, :-/

Well, enough bitching. Hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day, President's Day, and weekend in between.

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Anonymous said...

Might want to look into ankle strengthening exercises. I sprained my ankles a few times and you damage either a ligament or tendon... I can't look it up right now. But they take forever to heal, if they do so your ankle is always weak. But the strengthening exercises will help the muscles get stronger to compensate... and since you are working out a lot you're probably stressing it and that's why it hurts so much. I was always told to do these weird exercises and I never did them. So when my ankle bothers me I'm always reminded (You should have done the exercises).

Hope that helps!

Oh yeah, do you do a treadmill? If so maybe look into elliptical... they take the stress off your joints and if you arthritic that would definitely benefit you. :D

Back to the books!

Dina said...

I hope your ankle feels better soon. I know how frustrating that is when you want to get cardio in!