Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some good news!

So, as you could tell from my last batch of pictures, my camera died! Kaput!
Well, new camera arrived today, and I immediately took pictures of my dinner!
I am the QUEEN of cooking salmon. I can't even express to you how incredible this one was. Mmmph!

Just salt, pepper, and a touch of olive oil in the pan. Coupled with a simple side of sauteed spinach!

For contrast, here is a picture of Joel's healthy delight of a dinner -

And furthermore.... here is MY version of a bowl of Trix.


5 refreshing comments:

Lori said...

Nice pics! What type of camera did you get?

Chai Latté said...

It's a Canon Powershot
It's heftier than my last camera, but seems like it takes an equal picture.
So far, so good!

Melissa said...

Man that bowl of trix looks mighty tasty!

Dina said...

I'm with Melissa, the Trix looks yum!

And yeah, great pics!

smbdysheine said...

hey chai, i hope all is well!

love the pics, looks de-lish.