Wednesday, February 18, 2009

some stuff you wish you never new

1.) I'm obsessed with winning the lottery, but I rarely ever play. When I do, I get insanely giddy and nervous and think that I'm really going to win.

2.) I LOVE pizza. Anyone who knows me, knows this. No joke, I really think I'm part Ninja Turtle(I'm not in my teens anymore though) I love pizza that much. Every year for our birthdays Mom let's us pick our favorite meal and she makes it for us. My sisters would pick crazy super tasty meals with lobster, or prime rib, I picked pizza. For probably 23 years straight.

3.) I make things out to be much worse than they really are in my head. I escalate conversations into big fights, so when the argument really happens, it's never as bad as I think it will be.

4.) Chances are, if I'm awake, I'm thirsty. Usually my beverages contain caffeine. Which coincidentally is one of my best friends.

5.) I've been known to keep people guessing as to what hair style I have at any given time. I've gone from a goofy spikey style, to a rat-tail, to a mohawk, to my old stand by of If it was much shorter I'd have to Bic it.

6.) I'm a collector and pack-rat. I've had or still have collections of cds, cassette tapes, records, knives, comic books, comic cards, basketball cards, rocks, dvd's, swords and other various weapons, Transformers/action figures, among other things. I'd have a lot more stuff if I could afford them. :)

7.) If I could be a superhero, I would. Maybe not in spandex, but it's a life-long dream that I will have super powers someday.

8.) I dive headfirst into projects, that almost never come to fruition. I've done research on metal working, woodworking, masonry, etc. I've tried my hand at painting, sculpting, writing, playing music, writing music, carving, photography, computer graphics, programming... I've yet to get good at any of them.

9.) I love to learn, but not by reading. I learn things fairly quickly, but when I read, I skip over paragraphs, or whole pages sometimes. It's just the way my eyes work when reading.

10.) I love comic books and graphic novels. Reading the captions with images makes it much easier for me to stick to the story without my eyes jumping around. If only they made text books in comic form.

11.) I hate to be wrong. It makes me feel stupid, and I don't like feeling stupid. I'm in awe of really intelligent people.

12.) I'm insanely jealous of what other people have that I don't, but I don't hold it against the person, I hold it against myself, for not being good enough to get what I want.

13.) When asked if I like a certain band, I'm notorious for saying "I like their old stuff."

14.) There's a bunch of bands I'd love to play with, but mostly as an opening act. One band I'd love to play with as in, be in the band, would be Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. How awesome would that be to say I shared a stage with Animal? He makes me want to learn the drums.

15.) I honestly cannot decide who would win in a fight between Pirates and Ninjas. If there was ever a time I'd fear for the safety of the world, it would be if there was a Romeo & Juliet type story about a ninja and pirate who ended up having a kid together.

16.) I enjoy driving, but hate when there's anyone else on the road, or if I don't know where I'm going.

17.) I get very angry, very quickly. Luckily, I tend to calm down pretty quick too.

18.) My very first car got into an accident before I even had my license. Lots of heavy snow on a large tree branch + gravity = bad news for a parked car.

19.) I get insanely nervous, shaky, and tense up almost to the point of feeling like I'm going to pass out when confronted, or asked to speak publicly.

20.) I love combining words to make one nonsensical word, that means the same thing as two separate words.

21.) I've been known to eat crazy things for money. Pretty much gimme a buck and I'll eat it. That was pre-low carb days... if it's got carbs it'll cost you $2.50!

22.) As a full sized adult, I owned a pair of footy pajamas. Unfortunately they were a little short in the leg department, and when I wore them I ended up talking in a voice only dogs could hear. But damned if I didn't look awesome.

23.) I'm insanely sarcastic. If you don't know me(and some people that do) you'd probably think I'm a giant a-hole. I'm rarely serious, and I joke about everything. To that extent, I can not only dish it out, I can take it without getting all pissy.

24.) I haven't been clean shaven since I could grow facial hair. It grows really fast too, yet I've never get rid of it all. No, I don't have a butt chin that I'm hiding... as far as I remember...

25.) People have this strange idea that I'm obsessed with bacon. I'm pretty sure it stems back to the fact that I freakin' love bacon. :)

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

bacon makes anything taste good. probably even dog poo. :)

we did bacon wrapped steak and bacon wrapped scallops for xmas dinner - and people DEVOURED them. The bacon wrapped steak (just steak tips chopped into bite sized pieces, with 1/2 strip of bacon around each) were a huge hit. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that simply reading this i learned more about you then being your best friend for 3 years, man do i need to pay more attention. Or just listen ;)