Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Challenge!!

Sweet Melissa knows how inspirational clothes are to me.. so she presented me with a blogging challenge!

She said : "write a good blog! make a picture post of what you would wear when you are at your goal weight, for the following circumstances: a work day, a day at the beach, a wedding (as a guest), a night out on the town, and for a night with your man (lingerie)"

I will use Polyvore to create each of these looks, and post them all!
Thanks Melissa, for giving my something to do, that doubles as motivation!
Here goes!

1. A Typical Work Day.

Jewels - by ShannonF27 on Polyvore.com

2. A Day At The Beach.

Beach day
Beach day - by ShannonF27 on Polyvore.com

3. Attending A Wedding

Attending a Wedding
Attending a Wedding - by ShannonF27 on Polyvore.com

4. A Night Out On The Town!

Night Out
Night Out - by ShannonF27 on Polyvore.com

5. A Night With My Man! Rawr!

Naughty Time
Naughty Time - by ShannonF27 on Polyvore.com

3 refreshing comments:

Dina said...

What a cute idea! Sounds pretty inspiring :)

Love the swimsuit!

Melissa said...

OMG I love ALL OF IT. :) I want all of it too! The yellow dress is I think my favorite, but those shoes for your work day are ferosh! :)

You did way better at this challenge than I could have ever imagined. If it was fun, pick some outfits for me too sometime!

I have GOT to try out this site tonight. I'm drooling over these pics.

Chai Latté said...

Oh Melissa... wait until you see the PRICES on them! Brutal!

But fun to dream :-)

I'll be sure to do a Dress Melissa collage! :-)