Friday, May 22, 2009

Hoo-ray for Fri-day

So glad it's Friday, AND we have an early release today! How fabulous is that!?

I ended up staying home sick yesterday. Since I doubled up on my exercise this week... I think it just all caught up to me. I was SO exhausted, sore, achy, scratchy throat, etc. Felt like the start of a nasty cold to me... but today, I feel remarkably better. So, hey. That's good.

I did still go to my training yesterday though. And that was good. Felt pretty crappy. but pulled through it!

Fatty and I played tennis for our workout on Wednesday, and that was FUN. But man, I am B-A-D at tennis. Hey, the worse I am at hitting the ball, the more I have to run after it. So, it's technically a better workout anyway.... right?

I got my rollerskates the other day, too! I tried them on twice.. and I am PETRIFIED of them! Lol. I can stand up.. but I am too wobbly and scared to even rollll forward.
I am going to practice in the basement on the nice slow (and cooshy!) carpet.
I also made Joel promise to hold my hands and pull me around until I get the hang of it :-) I was too scared to do it even as a kid. So, this will be interesting... but potentially fun!

Going to the eye doctor today. I noticed this week, that all of a sudden I can't read any road signs anymore. Blech. Normally, this wouldn't really bother me, but it does.
You see, I am legally blind. (without my glasses, of course!) I've worn glasses since I was a tiny tot. And my eyes have gotten worse and worse every single year.
Except last year, when, for the first time ever - my prescription stayed the SAME.
A miracle! So I thought I was finally stabilizing. But... I guess not.
Ah well! Such is life!

I don't know why I am rambling. I guess because I can hear Melissa in my head saying - "I love long entries!!" :-) So, I am trying Melissa, I swear!

So then, what else?

My Macbook is broken :-( But I got an appt with a Mac Genius on Sunday. Whew! Hope its under warranty!

I wish I had a green thumb. And I wish I had the time/energy/non-laziness to really keep up with a garden. I would absolutely love to grow my own vegetables and herbs. And man, would it save me some money! I spend so much at the farm stand every week on their deeeelicious tomatoes! :-) I did spend the $10 on the upside down hanging tomato planter as-seen-on-tv dealie. But then I realized, I have nowhere to hang it!
So, I gotta figure that out.
But seriously, wouldn't it be heavenly, to have all your own veggies?
So, who wants to come build and tend a garden for me? ;-)

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Melissa Vegas said...

i DO love long entries, so thank you!

boo for being blind :(

yay for going to your training session even though you were sick!

and yay for FRIDAY!!!

Now, its 3:40. WTF won't my boss tell us to go home already?!