Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh, I forgot.

I guess I should keep up with Chai's challenge too.... positive things about me.. I think I owe three... this isn't gonna be easy.. lol

1. I'm okay with my geekness. I like to read comic books, and watch cartoons, stuff like that. I'm okay with it, you don't like it, tough. That's me. :) Seriously... they better not mess up this Deadpool movie!

2. I have pretty good timing. At least as far as my music stuff goes. Once I learn more chords, I'll be a pretty decent rhythm guitar player.

3. I'm competitive, but not overly. I love to win, but I don't flip out when I lose. I'm usually most competitive with myself, but it's always fun to think you're good at something.

3 refreshing comments:

laura said...

yay geeks!

i saw the hot club of san francisco last fall, they play gypsy jazz and they had some awesome rhythm guitar players. it's an amazing skill.

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

gypsy jazz, that's quite the genre. :) I'll have to look into that.

laura said...

agreed. not something i would pick or knew existed, but free tickets from the g-rents and my love of most live music made me go... their performance was playing the background music for several silent short films.