Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beat it with the beat

Lovin' the new B.E.P. album, I tell you!

So tonight I did something I am uncomfortable with. I went over to a local school to jog on the track. ALONE.
I've never gone alone. There were lots of people there playing tennis, basketball, softball, and soccer games going on all around. There were just a few people walking the track though. And I got nervous thinking about them looking at me, judging me, or whatever. But, I just blasted my ipod in my earholes and did my thing. My knee was REALLY bugging me, so I ended up only jogging about a half mile total, but I speed walked a fair amount. Only burned 300 calories in about 35 minutes. But, I'll take it!

Came home, and fixed up a chicken bruschetta type salad for myself. Garlic french bread, chicken thigh, tomato, mozzarella balls, fresh basil, olive oil & balsamic. It was delicious, but after 4 bites I wasn't feeling it. So I ended up feeding some to Joel, and tossing the rest. Shame when that happens!

6 refreshing comments:

laura said...

joel's lucky, he gets your delicious second hand creations!

good work on the brave track experience, somehow the gym scares me less than people on the street or at the park. way to go!

MackAttack said...

What an awesome assignment you have set out for yourself! Good job! Sorry about the knee pain!

anne h said...

I'm such a sissy. I stay inside and use the rebounder.

The last time I went to a track, "a little old lady" (she had to have been in her 80's!) winked as she passed me up and said "are you ok, honey?" True story!

Chai Latté said...

Hahah Anne, that's awful!

I felt weird, too. I passed by this power walking 60 something dude. I felt very ashamed to be jogging at his same walking pace, and sweating bullets, huffin' and puffin'.

But, I just kept saying to myself - who cares! I don't know these people. Who cares! and I just tried to go on my own way.

anne h said...

Your blog and comments inspired me. That convo with the 80 year old was true - so I wrote my blog today based on that! Thanks for the idea. Keep chuggin' along!

Chai Latté said...

Anne, thanks! :-)

I think that is what I love about the blogosphere the most :-) Every day, I am inspired, motivated, or just provoked into thought by one of you guys! It's like an endless circle of awesome :-)