Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Back at training last night. Wow, it was rough. I was sick, exhausted, and mentally not into it at all. She even asked me if we should stop early! PishPosh! I made it through it, still burned 860calories. But, good lord, I hope it's better on Thursday.
Its amazing how fast being sick knocks you down a few notches!

Came home last night to discover that a pipe in our basement burst. I don't know how long it was flowing, but it was pouring directly on our electronic center. So, The blue ray player, apple tv box, brand new receiver, and two speakers are all seemingly ruined. I mean, FILLED with water! Miserable! Oh the joys of a house!

Well, nothing else to say today.

Going to try and do some light cardio tonight. I really don't want to have a repeat of yesterdays workout on Thursday. I NEED to somehow regain some energy!

4 refreshing comments:

anne h said...

Sorry to hear about your stuff! First rule - save the Mac!
Good job working out even though your "cardio" wasn't in it!

Melissa & Brad said...

Oh man, that SUCKS. I hope you can get it taken care of quickly!

Chai Latté said...

Thanks, it does suck!

Can't get a plumber until tomorrow.
But thats ok. The damage is already done, no harm in waiting!

Really hope insurance will cover our electronics though. All brand new! So lame!

laura said...

oh dear! i hope you can get the moolah from the insurance peeps.

and goodness, another solid work out even with sickness, you are unstoppable!