Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still Kicking

literally. :) So I've been to two classes so far, and I love it! I'm already sore and bruised haha but it's great. It's definitely awkward, but knowing I'm not the only one who's new and out of shape, helps out a lot. The teachers are nice, they let you know when you're doing something wrong, AND when you're doing something right. It's so hard to break habits and deprogram yourself. For me, it's lack of any training before, so I'm learning from scratch, except some bad form when punching. I lean back instead of leaning forward a little bit. I'm ashamed at how out of shape and weak I am, but I'm just comparing myself to myself, and where I think I should be/want to be. The more I do this stuff, the more I realize how much I enjoy it, and how much I want to turn my attic into a gym. lol I'm guessing my roommate won't appreciate that as much as I do though. lol My friend Andy is just as excited about this gym as I am(the one we're going to, not the one I want to put together at home, although I'm pretty sure he'd enjoy the hell out of that too), which makes it that much easier to go to the classes.

In other news, Chai is still sick. :( I haven't had a chance to work out with her in what feels like forever! Now with my new gym and her training 3 nights a week, it might get even harder to get together. We'll figure something out though. I'm still loving my new apartment, everything is much closer, but i've been pretty busy lately, so the new place is still 1/2 unpacked. craziness all around.

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laura said...

second happy fatty post in a row! :)

go make your sister some soup!