Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Streusel Von Streuselsburg

OooOOoOooh who else hates Tracy on TBL?! Snap, girl's got some Cuh-Razy eyes!

In other news... Adam made me dinner tonight. It was a perfect treat to come home from the gym to!
He made sauteéd chicken sausage (with garlic and shallots) and homemade sweet potato gnocchi! It was heavenly.

Ok, I know these gnocchi look like a turdlette. But, it was DELICIOUS. Scrumptious, even!

After I gobbled that down in a matter of seconds, I had to get to work making my entry for the Apple Throwdown competition tomorrow at work.

I made a gingerbread cake, with apples in it, and topped it with streusel.
It looks fabulous. I hope it wins! :-)

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~Oct said...


Low said...

Yeah Tracy is a nut job. Those homemade gnocchi look fab. I want them.

MackAttack said...

Tracy is a total wackadoodle! So, how hard was the sweet potato gnocci to make?

Chai Latté said...

I dunno.. I will ask him how to make them.. but I know he said it was pretty easy... I will definitely have him teach me, and post the recipe!

laura said...

tracy is sooo cray cray (crazytown)!

i hope you win!