Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm back!! Pic heavy, I warn you!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend away :-) Joel whisked me away to the white mountains (NH) where we stayed at a gorgeous hotel, with an UNBELIEVABLE restaurant. We ate, we lounged, we watched movies, we shopped in the rain, we hiked to a waterfall, we ate some more. I'd love to get into details. But I am pooped! I will give you bullet points and pictures. Not necessarily in order :-)

• Braised veal cheeks and butter chive spaetzel. (seriously. best thing i've ever eaten)
• Hot espresso, crackling fire, downpour rain outside.
• Icy cold spray from a raging waterfall on the face. Stepping in bear poo.
• TV over a jacuzzi tub, filled with homemade bath salts
• Asparagus bisque, sweet potato gnocchi, shrimp ceviche, roasted beet & goat cheese salad.
• Foliage as if the forests were on fire, or made entirely of gold.
• New set of amazing knives as a b-day gift! Can't wait to cook with these :-)
• Hidden away pumpkin farm with a lovable yet eerie farmer.

Pumpkins, on the honor system. Healthiest looking pumpkins I've ever seen for sale!
Farmer man asked me how I picked the one I was holding. I liked the shape of it's stem, I said. "You're a graphic designer, a good one." He said. I told him he was right. He just kinda nodded and walked away. I kinda love that guy.

We think Yoda owns this gas station.

The Basin. A natural formation, off the side of the highway. Yes, even the rest stops hold treasures in this magical land.

Our destination! The Wentworth.

I can't tell you how huge this actually was, well I can, technically. I think I read that it is 108 feet. But, seriously. It is huge. And the power of the flowing water applies the strongest, wettest wind directly to your face.

(crab cake on pretzel bread. Yes, it was as good as it looks!)

Sorry I didn't get more food pictures. The food at the Wentworth was as gorgeous as it was delicious. But, it was quite a fancy place (like, I wore a dress, and heels, and even lipstick!) and so I just felt very uncouth pulling out my camera and snapping pictures. But I assure it, it was incredible. :-)

So thats that. I'm back (no happily) but I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you all for your bday wishes!!!

Here's to another good year!

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker said...

may i have the originals of your two pics - the one in the woods looking down the path (top one) and the one of the train tracks?

They are quite amazing. I want to use them for something.

MackAttack said...

Wow, I love your pictures! It sounds like an amazing weekend! Happy Birthday!

Janetha said...

wow, what an amazing adventure you had! happy birthday!