Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ugly sacks of mostly water

What a difference hydration makes! I weighed myself yesterday morning, to see what the result of my non-intentional starving week was. 236lbs, that would be a six pound difference. Then, throughout the day, I drank water again — as much as I could get in — since I knew I hadn't had any in days. This morning? Back up to 242lbs.
Amazing, how much water your body can hold!

Though I would have loved to see those 230's for real... I think it's better to stay hydrated!

3 refreshing comments:

Low said...

Yes definitely! Dehydration is a no no!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that is a lot of water. But good on you for the Great Hydration Event of oh nine. Better to be hydrated than not, I always say.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I bet I'll be up 8-10 lbs on Tuesday from surgery Monday. Damn IVs.