Monday, October 19, 2009


Welll.. more like I'm not dead... just lazy, and fatter than ever. I never really got motivated, and jumped into the BFL like I should have. It just wasn't working for me this time. I wasn't prepared for all of my meals, so I ended up skipping more meals than I ate. So when I did eat, it wasn't good portions, or good choices.

I did realize BFL just isn't going to work for me this time, so I'm going back to Low-carb. I'm planning on setting myself up with an exercise routine as well. I joined Chai at the Wellness Expo, which was nice. I didn't take advantage of the acupuncture, etc. but the flexibility/balance drill was pretty neat, and surprising that I did well, I fall over walking all the time. lol I'm hoping to be able to have enough free time after work most nights, to get back to exercising with Chai at her place, it's so much easier to get some real exercise in, when it's not at my place. There's too many distractions there, like my bed, or the couch/xbox, hanging out with my roommate, etc.

I've even been avoiding here because I've been failing so bad. I hate popping in and saying hey guys, I'm going to write on my diet blog about all this delicious, fatty, super-sized food I'm eating and hey... where'd my feet go? :/ Glad Chai is kicking ass though. The girl is getting GUNS! :) Hopefully I'll be posting more often again, and fitting in my clothes better again. Time to get my guns back.

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker said...

glad you're back, Fatty. Update about random crap, I don't care. It's just nice to hear from you.

laura said...

what she said! random crap is always welcome :)

i love low carb, i hope it works better for ya and exercising anywhere within 50 feet of my comfy comfy bed is darn near impossible, so i totally here you on that front.