Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yay o Nays (sounds like mayonnaise!)

As Janetha would say... Yay & Nay!

YAY : Mr Scale read 240.0 this morning!!! I hope it sticks! (and then some, would be nice)

NAY : I am very sick this morning. With very angry tonsils. Stupid tonsils.

YAY : Trainer Bob gave me a gift cert. for an HOUR massage for my birthday!! How amazingly awesomely nice is that?!

YAY : Had a good training session with Bob last night.

NAY : I still get worbly in the belly during some exercises. And that sucks.

YAY : Fatty asked me to write up a few exercise routines for him to do. That's fun!

YAY : I have WAY more YAY's than NAY's today! (though, being sick is a pretty huge nay.

Also in true Janetha style (she's got lots of it!)
Leave me a comment with one YAY and one NAY from your day!

7 refreshing comments:

Katie said...

Nay- I havnt eaten a proper lunch instead i had 2 cherry flans with angel delight! doh!

Yay- They where yummy and i think i deserved them where i am off uni with flu!

Chai Latté said...

omg Katie. cherry flan sounds like heaven on earth to me!

New NAY for me....

Nay : Katie did NOT share her cherry flan with me!

~Oct said...

Feel better!

myYAY - I'm off work for a 4-day birthday weekend starting tomorrow.

my NAY - everyone else I know is still working tomorrow and Friday to I have to entertain myself.

Chai Latté said...

Oh October! Don't you think that's the fun part? Having the day off when nobody else does?! :-) Have a looooong bath with something delightfully stinky!

Happy Birthday, us October Babies are the BEST, aren't we? :-)

Janetha said...

haha it does sound like mayonaise. great job on the lower scale number. sorry about the sickness.. i had my tonsils out in may so i hope i dont get sick 7 times this winter like i did last!

Chai Latté said...

Hope you don't mind me stealin' your mojo, Janetha! :-)

Did you have chronic tonsillitis, like me? I know I should have mine out, but it seems like such an inconvenience! What was your recovery time like?

MackAttack said...