Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I don't need to remind you that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And so, it must be time for a Giving Thanks post!  I believe we should take the time all year round to give thanks to those who help and love us. But hey, why not give a little more love, this time o'year? :-)

The things I am most thankful for in my life :

1. My Family.
Without a doubt, the thing I am most thankful for, is my family.  I could have nothing else, but if I have them, I have everything I need.  My brother is my best friend. My sister is the coolest, sweetest, bestest one I could ask for. My Dad does so much for me, and never stops making me laugh. My Mom is, well, the best mom you could ever imagine. My Auntie is always my creative inspiration, and icon! My family is just amazing, and I will never stop telling anyone I meet that!

2. Joel.
I love Joel more than flies love poop.
And that's a lot.  He is everything I want, need, or could ever ask for. He supports me in everything I do, and he loves me no matter what!

3. My Friends.  Most especially, Melissa and Adam. 
I love all my friends, even the ones I do not see very often. But Melissa and Adam are there for me day in and day out. They follow with me on my health/fitness journey and encourage and motivate me without fail. And of course, they provide me with something that everyone needs so much of... FUN!

4. One2One Bodyscapes.
Without my new gym and the trainers...I don't know where I'd be! Most certainly I'd be 300lbs. They have kept me motivated and supported. They've given me every tool I'll need to succeed. Heather, Bob, Cindy, Kate...they've been a HUGE part of my life this year, and I am so grateful for this new direction that my life, and health is going in.

5. The Internetz.
Most specifically, the weight loss community on the internet.  My new Blogger friends, LJ, Sparkpeople, bfltracker, my friends at wordpress. . .  I could go on and on.  But the sheer amount of information available to someone who is dieting is unbelievable.  And the friends you make? Absolutely priceless!

6.  My Health.
Of course I complain about my knees and joints, my weight, etc.  But I have SO much. All my limbs are attached and in working order. My muscles are strong and able. I am continually thankful that I can just get out of bed and live my day, every day, without significant pain or struggle.

Of course I have so much more... my job, my pups, my car, my house, my credit score, I could go on all day. I have EVERYTHING I need or could want. I'm just working on making everything even better!
But if you don't stop to appreciate it all, what's the point?

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