Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Official Weigh In - Challenge 1, Week 9

Week 9

Last Weigh in : 243.5
Today's weight : 241.0


Its these SAME DAMN 3LBS that I keep fighting with! Just STAY OFF ALREADY!
This also means that I did not reach my oh-so-tiny goal of getting to the 230's by November 1st.

I've also joined a new challenge which is 8 weeks long. Its just a biggest loser type deal, and I think we're going by percentage lost. If you want to join up, just follow that link! We haven't decided on a prize yet, but I know there will be something! :)

8 Week Challenge Progress : 1.03%

2 refreshing comments:

Janetha said...

yeah girl! way to go!! i also loved your mute monday post :)

Melissa Whittaker said...

great job! sorry it's the same few pounds...but you're doing great. you're not gaining. you might not be losing at the pace you want, but maintaining is just as hard as losing!