Monday, November 2, 2009

Time at the track

I actually convinced Joel to come to the track with me yesterday. (for those just tuning in, Joel doesn't exercise. And most definitely not with me) So it blew my mind when I asked him to come and he said "Hrmmm. OK" I assured him it'd be a quick and easy workout and he could just walk if he wanted to.

I started to jog and he was right beside me. I looked over again, and he was gone. But then I see him, pull right back up next to me :-). He finished the first lap with me, but he said he was wanting to stop yards before. He only finished out the jog because I did. What a nice feeling... to know that pushed someone just by pushing myself. I wasn't doing it to affect him, or to beat him. I was doing it because that was my plan and I stick to my plan. And that alone made him want to try :) How nice is that?

We did the rest of our walk/jog/sprint business and headed back home. I was proud of him :) I wish he'd come again!

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Anonymous said...

YAY Joel!!