Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Wow. It's nearly the New Year, can you believe it?
I certainly can't.

I have a horrible memory for dates, and remembering years that things happened in. I was born in 1981, I graduated high school in the year 2000.  Aside from that, it's all a blur of numbers.  But 2009 I might remember.
2009 was a year of change for me. A real 'light bulb' year.  The first year I truly put the pedal-to-the-metal with my health and weight loss.  I've always tried and failed, tried and failed. But this year I just kept trying.  I may not be 'succeeding' quite yet, but I sure as hell am NOT failing.

In 2009. . .
I went from jogging 8 seconds at a time to 15 minutes.
I built up the nerve to join a personal training gym.
I went to said personal training 3 times a week, for 9 months! (so far!)
I improved my cardiac health SUBSTANTIALLY.
I inspired some people! 

2009 was a good year, and I anticipate  2010 to be even better.

In 2010 . . . 
I will be running a 5k, with my brother, in TMNT sweatshirts.
I will build even more muscle, and maybe even do some REAL pull ups!
I will inspire even more people! 

I can't make resolutions about weight loss. It seems I have very little control over the number on the scale. And in 2010, I will try to be more OK with that. I will try to work on my relationship with the scale and the weight at which it reads. The number isn't important and I need to convince myself of that.  I weigh about 10lbs MORE right now than I did last year on this date. But that does not take away from the amazing progress I made this year.  I won't let it. I've worked too damn hard.

I'd also like to take a minute to thank the people who helped make 2009 such a good year for me.

Fatty, of course. His self-proclaimed failings aside, he's been right there with me the whole time. Keeping this blog, working out, dieting, motivating, and supporting. He is such a huge part of my commitment and any successes I have.

Bob, Heather, Cindy, and Kate at One2One Bodyscapes
I know that I pay them to train me. But I don't pay them to be amazing, motivating, kind, compassionate, fun people—and yet they still are. They have made me feel comfortable and inspired and that is what I need to succeed.  They've pushed me, and even made me OK with my excessive sweating. ;-) 

My Family, Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt, et al. 
Constantly supportive. loving, and plain ol' awesome. I owe a LOT to my family!

My friends, Melissa, Adam, Debbie...
These guys are always telling me how proud they are of me for the things I do and have done.  They motivate me with their own accomplishments, and support me through anything I try. I am SO incredibly lucky to have these people in my life.

My blogger buds! 
This is an ever growing list. And I have room in my heart for many more! :-) What an incredibly community of people. People who work as hard as I do. Who deserve every ounce they lose and every feat they achieve.  Awesome people, every one!

So here's to another year! 
Another year of putting my health to the forefront of my life and going for those goals that I have never lost sight of.

Who's with me!? :-)

6 refreshing comments:

Sheryl said...

Yes, here is to another year of improvements-Roman wasn't built in a day.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

The Shrinking Violet said...

Congratulations on a year well lived.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Nice, uplifting post here. One thing I don't agree with however, you are in control of your weight :).

Let's make 2010 an even better year.

Happy holidays!

Chai Latté said...

Tony, I am in control of what I eat, how I eat, how I exercise, I however, cannot control how my body processes these factors.

As my doctors, trainers, and nutritionist have said... I have NO control over how my weight reacts.

Not all bodies are the same, unfortunately!

Chai Latté said...

Thank you Sheryl, and Violet!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you lady, you work your butt off everyday!!!!!! You are amazing and had a out standing year, I know you will blowwww 2010 out of the water :)
~ The Higgles that wiggles