Monday, December 14, 2009

New method

I would like to announce... that I have a new method of tracking and reporting my weight.

Because my weight fluctuates so widely, even throughout the day, my readings are never consistent or reliable...and yet I cling to them! I am now counting in whole "decades" of weight.

And because of that... I am very pleased to tell you that I am now in the 230's!!!

And, it doesn't matter exactly how many pounds I lost to get me there, and it doesn't matter exactly how many pounds it will take to get me through to the 220's.

I can't keep counting a pound up, half pound down, 2 pounds up, a pound down, etc. I'm fighting with the same numbers and getting nowhere.
So the next weigh in you'll hear from me... will be announcing that I am in the 220's! (or back in the 240's... but that better not happen!!)

I WILL still be updating my ticker, in the sidebar, if you wish to see exactly how much I've lost. But I won't be relying on those exact numbers to determine my mood. Not anymore! I'm in the 230's, bitches!

7 refreshing comments:

BuilderAdam said...

WOOO HOOOOO!!!! Score!! You tha bomb, chica!!

100in12 said...

YEAH! in your FACE, 240s!

Melissa Whittaker said...

LOL. What 100in12 says!

MackAttack said...

I like your new method! Welcome to the 30s! That's one reason I don't post an exact weight. Because the losing fluctuates too much. Great job!

muddymamma said...

WHOOT!!!! 150's baby!!!!

Stephanie said...

I like that idea. It's true, weight can fluctuate so much throughout the day. Congratulations!
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Kathryn Crawford said...

Yay Chai! 230's! woot!!! :) v. happy to hear this and also I like the new method =)