Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Thousand Nine, Yo Ass is Mine

Good day yesterday. I tracked my food without getting all anal on it, I got a good workout  in, and even Joel worked out!! So nice :-)

I had a disappointing run, though. I set out to run 15 minutes straight. I made it 14 minutes and 30 seconds. Can you believe that? So close, so frustrating. I could not push through that last 30 seconds.  It was pretty rough, I had to hop right off and lay flat down on the floor, before getting back on. I did 13 minutes relatively easily before, I was sure 15 minutes would be cake!
Well, it was rough... but, I got close so....  next time!! :-)

After my treadmilling, I fixed Joel a sandwich, and convinced him to come upstairs and get on the treadmill himself. While he did that, I did 500 rotations with the jump rope, and about 15 minutes on the agility ladder.  My ankle is a bit mad from all the jumping, but, it was good!

Two days ago, I had the inclination to let everything go to hell until after New Year's. Typical. I thought, it's only a few more days, why not just laze around and pig out!? Sounds lovely.
But I won't. Heck no, I won't!
I want to finish this year out as strong as I can so I can feel proud about all the work I've put in in 2009.  Set a good example for 2010 to follow, you know? :-)

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