Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mish Mash

I got some random stuff to share with you, and I am not gonna be all awesome and organize it into separate entries, so, sorry :-)

First off, here is Fatty and my lunch the other day -
Chicken breast, sauteed onions, and homemade fried rice.

And, my PB2 came!!

I bought some of this, to go with -

Then, I cracked open a tub'o'oats -

Mixed it all together -



Later that day... (ok, it was today)
I got home from training and made a smoothie. But, something happened! and my smoothie turned more into frozen yogurt. It was the most delicious mishap I have ever had.
Damn. It was GOOD.

Much later, I had 'Tooch (that's what us cool people call Bertucci's)

(No, I didn't eat it ALL. But, yums!)

THEN, I went grocery shopping, and upon returning, I cleaned the fridge!
Seriously. Look at this sucker.

Happiness, is a clean fridge. (take that, Dad!)

9 refreshing comments:

100in12 said...

um, I don't even know where to begin. So let me just say

re: your post.

I WANT. GAH all that food looks SO GOOD. It makes me all shouty! :-)

Janetha said...

yay PB2! love it. that asparagus looks awesome too. i would for sure have eaten it ALL.

The Shrinking Violet said...

I'm almost motivated to clean my fridge it looks that good!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

The smoothie looks FABULOUS.

Moleman said...


When I hold your food on my shelf... I know no one can do me no harm... because...
Happiness, is a clean fridge...


Melissa Whittaker said...

i love it when my fridge is all organized like that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this blog. It is VERY funny, refreshing, and inspiring! It's read about people who keep persevering. It helps me keep going, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant to write, "It's NICE to read about people who keep persevering."

Chai Latté said...

Thank you Anon! :-) What a wonderful comment!

Janetha.. the asparagus was the first to go, I will tell you that! :-)

Violet.. you should do it! having a clean fridge feels so nice!

Tony... thanks! I can't believe how desserty it was!

Dad... thats exactly what I was singing in my head ! lol

Melissa... you know us and organizing stuff! Its so nice :-)