Monday, January 18, 2010


Ok, well, I did NOT make it into the 220's this week as I was striving for, but I got damn close!
230.2 this morning!  That means I actually LOST something this week! Amazing, ain't it? I'm so close to the 220's! Very excited.

Almost as excited as I was to eat this sammie the other day...

I know it doesn't look very special. But it was, due to my two discoveries at Trader Joe's.
Say hello to THIS GUY -

This stuff is MUCH hotter than I expected. I thought it'd be like, mayo-with a hint of wasabi. Oh no, it's more like equal parts mayo/wasabi.
Delicious though. Whew.

And I found these guys -

Again, they don't look like much. But these are the best pickles I've had in a long time (and I am a pickle connoisseur, dontchaknow. They taste more brined than pickled, more salty than vinegary. And they are SO good all up on a sammich.

In other news!
I got a new cell phone, an iphone to be exact.  It has some really amazing free apps to help with weight loss. It makes me feel even more armored and prepared :-) Having helpful tools with me at all times. How can I go wrong?

2 refreshing comments:

Stephanie said...

Wasabi mayo sounds AMAZING. Too bad there are no TJs here in Boulder, CO.
BODA weight loss

MackAttack said...

YAY for a loss! How awesome! I too miss TJs. Why can't Colorado get their act together?