Friday, February 12, 2010


I've been really into garbage salads lately.  That's just what I call a salad made of whatever the heck I find in the fridge. :-) 
The one I had last night was especially delicious. 

It started with : romaine lettuce, cucumber, baby carrot, red onion, jalapenos, and low-fat bleu cheese crumbles.

I added some MorningStar fake chicken patties (2 of them actually!)

Then, some of this guy. (I love this stuff)

I then poured on some dressing I made. Which was just 1 part sour cream, 4 parts salsa verde. 
This salad was unbelievably good. So satisfying after training.  And totaled at 450 calories. (280 of which are from the chicken patties. I normally would have just one, for 140 cal. But I was way under calories.. and also, starving!) 

I washed it all down with this guy.  
The Honest brand Kombucha is so very different from the GT's brand that I tried first. This kind tastes much more... commercialized, if that makes sense.  Like a dumbed down Kombucha. It's delicious,  but it has less of the slightly bitter/strange/strong taste that the GT's brand has. It's less fizzy and tastes less fermented.  The GT's brand almost tastes like a hard cider or something alcoholic.  Whereas the Honest brand tastes like a slightly carbonated Nestea bottled tea. 
Its very tasty, though.. just a completely different drinking experience between the two!

(PS! My guest post on Janetha's blog will be up later this afternoon! I'll be sure to post a link when it's up!) 

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James and Lindsay Cotter said...

WOW, that garbage salad Looks AMAZING! I also tried HONEST TEA Kombucha and thought it was watery. I'm a GT girl but I do like high country kombucha every once in a while. It kinda taste like beer, haha! Glad I found your blog through Janetha's. Cheers!

Chai Latté said...

Thanks Lindsay!
I was hoping to make new friends via my guest post! I know I've been checking out everyone else's, it's been fun!

I agree with it being watery. It just tastes more like a fruit juice or plain tea.. I am loving the GT!

Kristin Pizzi said...

I love garbage salads. The more garbage the better :)