Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green Overload

For St. Patty's day, yesterday, our office did our monthly throwdown. And, yes, you guessed it! All the entries had to be GREEN!

I made pasta salad, which I dubbed - "Tortellini O'Greenie"  :-) 
(spinach & cheese tortellini, oil cured black olives, italian sausage, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and pesto)  People liked it!  There were a lot of great looking dishes... here's the highlights! 

Out of all that (and more!)  This is my plate : 
Absolutely delicious. I did have to go home and eat a proper lunch afterwards. But I ate enough to not look like a party pooper :-) 

After we ate, my boss unveiled the Cookbook I'd been working on. It contains all the winning recipes from our Throwdowns last year!

Well received! 

Ok! Now, onto DINNER! 
I hopped over to Trader Joe's after work and got some fixin's for dinner. This entire meal was organic. And so, green, on a whole different level! 

This is southwestern style stuffed chicken breast. 

And this is a really delicious salad of : romaine, tomato, red onion, corn salsa, cucumber, cilantro dressing.

*************boo doo boop boo doo boop****************
King Tortellini O'Greenie!

6 refreshing comments:

muddymamma said...

Woot... woot!!!
All hail the queen o' green!

The tortolini looks fabulous.

Congrats on another win!!

Melissa said...

Um, copy of that cookbook, please? ;)

Looks like there was enough healthy food yesterday too. Finally, people, you're learning! ;)

Janetha said...


higgly said...

Oh my, are those Mint Ice cream cookie Sami's?

Chai Latté said...

YES they are Chrissy! They won the best dessert vote!

Jamie (BeautyandtheBeef) said...

I have to look for that dressing next time I go to TJ's, I love cilantro!