Monday, March 1, 2010

Kumquat you say?

Thank you all for your sympathies on my lack of local Kombucha :-) 
Feeling desperate, I drove to the nearest Whole Foods (which is not particularly near). Mom and I went early in the morning to avoid the hippie stampede :-) And it was perfect. A much more enjoyable experience than last time.  Of course, that means I also spent twice as much money. 

But hey, I got Kombuchas!  (boy, did I!) 

I drank the Strawberry Serenity one last time. So good! 

My super exciting discovery for this trip was Kumquats!  I knew my grandmother loved them back in the day. Other than that, the only thing I knew about Kumquats was how hilarious their name was. 
I honestly had no idea it was a citrus fruit. My mom said I'd love them. 
These snappy little suckers are so good! They are super tart and sour and then transform into deliciously sweet and citrusy. Strange little buggers, but definitely a new favorite for me!

Here's a little goodie montage... since it's all pretty self explanatory :-)

Plus a handful of other things. Some cheeses, paté, pineapple, chobani, labneh, party pitas, mangoes, face wash. 

After putting away my stash, I made dinner, which was more or less just a plate full of all the delicious things I just bought! :-)

(mango, mustard seed cheese, soft cheese (like brie,  I dunno the name, though!), black truffle paté, plantain chips, cracked black pepper crackers, kumquats)
The whole foods mango was by far the best mango I've had yet this year. And I've had some heavenly ones!  

I even got some FREE goodies today! My awesome Mom picked this book up for me at the local library book sale - 

It has a LOT of very great, basic information on pretty much everything nutrition/exercise/body related. I think it's awesome!

PS : I'd like you all to direct your attention to the Twitterizer over there on the side bar... because I am down to 222.4 today. Say whaaaaaat!

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