Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Question of the Week - Week 10

Wow, week 10 already! Unbelievable!

What is your latest achievement (health, exercise, or otherwise!) that made you proud? No matter how small! 

Well, you all know I just ran 30 minutes straight! I am still quite proud of myself for that one!
I also put on (and worked out in) some exercise pants I bought at least a year ago, but they never fit. 
Small things can make great big feelings :)

6 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

I like the new look. :) Fresh and juicy.

Hmm, let's see ... latest achievement that made me proud. I'd have to say being brave enough to accompany Konrad walking here and there even though I knew I had limits. I pushed my limits as much as I could and it was damned fun. :)


Chai Latté said...

Thank you October! :-) Fresh & juicy is exactly what I was going for!

Great achievement too. Seems like they only come when we really have to push ourselves!

higgly said...

That I can make it threw the first 30 min of my yoga DVD with out dieing :)

muddymamma said...

I'm in MAINTAINANCE baby!!
140lbs... gone forever... yay me!!

I get my new knee installed May 13th.

Melissa said...

Walking what I just found out was actually 5 (not 4) miles on the bike path last weekend!

Perfectlychic said...

REalizing that I'm now a solid size 18 (I've pretty much always been a size 20 and as large as a loose 24)-- anyway none of my clothes fit which is a good and bad thing!