Saturday, April 3, 2010


disappointing :(


I just got back from training. I told Joel is MoJo was NoGo. But before I got in the shower I weighed in again and saw 218.8

Hey, it's 218's, I'll take it! ;-)

Still, disappointing, because I really felt like I was gonna have a good loss this week. But, I'll take it! Better than the gain I thought I had with that .7lbs.

It's a GORGEOUS day out there. Everyone enjoy it!

And thank you for my comments on this. Your support alone probably dropped that pound! :-)

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Rebecca said...

oh lady... I'm sure it's just the sodium from yesterday's lunch!

god.. I always swell up like a blowfish but then again we usually go through an entire bottle of soy sauce!

it's one weigh-in!

Have a great Easter!